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Marine & Outdoor Carpet Specifications and Warranty


Product specifications:


Pile fibre:                 

100% Marine grade SDPP BCF Fibres with maximum UV inhibitors  added


Primary Backing:    

Marine grade Polypropylene/Specifically developed adhesives


Secondary Backing:   

Marine grade Polypropylene/Specifically developed adhesives


Nominal Width:  Available in 13ft, 6ft6inches (+/- 0.5%)

Total Weight: 1400gm/sqmtr (+/-10%)

Wear Rating: Marine/Domestic  Heavy Duty | Commercial  Light Duty


Test Standards:   

  • Fire Test ASISO 9239.1

  • Automotive light fastness test SAE-J1885 

  • Colour fastness to salt water AS2001.4.E02(AS ISO105.E02)

  • Colour fastness to light ISO 105.B02

  • Colour fastness to chlorine AS2001.4.11


Limited Warranty


Teak Carpet and its Manufacturer Marine Tuft 

This product is resistant to staining from most materials but will not withstand heat in excess of 130 degrees C, either from direct application or radiation. Claims where the yarn has clearly melted from excessive heat from any source will not be accepted.


The product warranty covers excessive wear, UV degradation, and excessive fading. Claims for failure of the product to meet our expectations in these respects will be dealt with on a pro-rata basis (100% first year-50% final year) over the periods listed below. Any claim for failure of the backing which is recognized as valid by Marine Tuft will be fully honored for the full appropriate period of the warranty. 


In all warranty matters Teak Carpet reserves the right to accept or deny claims or vary the amount of any accepted settlement regardless of circumstances. Teak Carpet also reserves the right to inspect any product which is the object of a claim prior to accepting that claim as valid.


Warranty: 2 years. ( material only)



All claims must be processed back through the original chain of supply and be supported by the relevant invoicing. Teak Carpet requires a sample of the faulty product such that research can be carried out to prevent future occurrences of any product fault.

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