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Welcome to the latest in Marine carpeting. As you can see this new style in marine carpet looks just like the expensive decks you see that require continuous cleaning and scrubbing to look good. This carpet is made in Australia and now available here in the States.  This new carpet comes with a new Marine Backing which actually looks like there is no backing. Thats right, we have eliminated the need of that horrible black backing that never lasts as long as the carpet its self. With this new design backing the water can drain through it for quicker run off and quicker drying. With no back it is lighter and easier to remove for more thorough seasonal cleaning. Here in the US it is available in widths of 6ft 6 inches and just over 13ft, making big areas easier to cover and less joins. With 100ft rolls available, no job is to big! 

Send in a template and have it made and sent back.  Please email us for colors in stock. 

We will cut rolls for the smaller jobs just send us the size you need.  


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