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PRECAUTIONS. Strong chemicals, acids and petroleum may affect the appearance of the product.


DRY METHOD. If the material is dry, best way to maintain the carpet is to vacuum the product, preferably with a power head vacuum or a normal suction vacuum as this will remove any dirt or foreign matter from the product. Preferably a power head vacuum will lift the pile of the carpet ensuring a longer lifespan. In loose lay installations the backing should also be vacuumed periodically. 


WET METHOD. If a wet/hosing method is desired, a quick hose off with fresh water will generally keep the Carpet clean. Periodically the Carpet should be maintained by using a solution of warm water and mild household detergent. Firstly soak the Carpet with the solution for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water on both front and back of the material. ( when using wet method. The carpet should be left in open air to dry)


STAIN REMOVAL. Depending on the application it Is always important to act quickly to remove stains efficiently in the preceding manner. If It is able to be wet use some mild household detergent and water and lightly rub the solution into the affected area allowing it to soak for two or three minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water. If It cannot be wet either use a branded carpet spot cleaner as directed or the above method which once rinsed should be dabbed dry to remove access water.

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