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  • How can I order it?
    If you know the size you need and looking to install yourself. You can buy it directly here. Send us an email with your name, shipping address, size you need in either 6.5ft wide or 13ft wide by what ever length you'd like the lines running. we'll send you invoice that can be paid directly on line. For a quick estimate, measure the max width you need and multiply in by the length. Then multiply that by the $6.45. thats your cost plus shipping. add tax for Florida address's To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • How much is it to order directly.
    We sell it directly at $6.45 a square foot for all colors and sizes. FROM $4.60 a linear ft for cutting and binding. This depends on complexity, the number of small holes for chairs, tight corners etc. use a $4.60 as guide. $5.60 for sunbrella binding. Discounts on larger orders available. Plus shipping. tax is also added if being shipped to Florida address.
  • How much will shipping cost?
    If your total roll length once wrapped is less than 8.ft it'll be $75-95. (6.5 wide by any length or 13ft wide up to 8ft long.) rolls 6.5ft wide and over 8.5ft Long will need to be sent via freight at approx $190up to $250 (13ft wide by over 8.5ft) If shipping via freight it must be sent to a commercial address. Not a home business or home office. Must be commercial! otherwise a $125 fee will be charged by the shipper.
  • Which way should the lines run?
    Typically the lines on the boat run lengthwise, from bow to stern. As you'd see decks made out of teak. Although this is not mandatory, totally optional.
  • I have an old carpet i need to replace, how can get a quote?"
    Just measure the widest section of your existing carpet, across the boat from side to side. Then measure the length. from stern to bow. multiply them and times by $6.45 need help? email us those dimensions along with the approximate linear ft around the outside edge that will be bound. A picture or sketch is also very helpful. Once you're ready to order, send in your template or old carpet to our address provided on the estimate
  • How do i get my three pieces of carpet I'm sending in to be cut and bound to all line up once installed?
    Simply stick 3 strips of tape on the carpet or template in the direction of the lines along all three pieces then cut it at each edge. We'll line up the three pieces as close as possible to have continuous lines once installed.
  • I have a large area of deck with table posts and deck hatches, how can i make a template to send in?"
    If your template is very intricate we may not except it. We will instead direct you to one of our recommended installers. This way the carpet is installed precisely and less chance the carpet needs to be returned to be adjusted.
  • Do you install Snaps?
    No the snaps must be installed on the vessel to ensure they line up. But we can provide them at $2 each.
  • Can the carpet be glued down in the interior of my yacht or does it have to be snapped down?
    Yes, Teak carpet can be glued using carpet glue, if it is laid down wall to wall it may not need glue or snaps. Snaps are only necessary in windy locations or where it may slide. try velcro first if unsure about drilling holes.
  • I see there is no rubber on the back do i need to apply a rubber backing?
    No, Teak Carpet is designed not to need rubber, It dries quicker as water can run through it. It also prevents mold not having rubber. There is also no rubber to peel away over time as you've probably seen in low quality carpets. There will also be no rubber mess stuck to your deck to clean off later. Rubber backing can be added to cut and bound pieces at an extra cost. Its sometimes preferred for interior glossy floors or to add sound protection when installed over engine hatches. also adds weight to lighter small mats.
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