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The very best all-weather carpet for your boat deck or entertaining area, internal or external


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Teak Carpet.  All weather, indoor and outdoor tufted teak deck look carpet suited for installation in all weather applications. Our carpet is designed to endure the harshest weather conditions including salt water and direct sunlight in extreme hot & cold climates anywhere in the world. We have tested all our carpets to a high marine standard. Teak Carpet is made using the highest grade UV resisters, making it resistant to mold, mildew, chlorine and staining, including fish blood and red wine when attended to promptly. Made with Marine Tuft’s unique HydraBak technology allows water to pass through and drain away with gravity/camber and evaporate with sun and wind exposure. The tufted design ensures it is soft underfoot without the harsh feel you find with most other outdoor carpets. The best part is – it will stay soft underfoot. The tufted pile gives the carpet greater strength, better durability, easier cleaning maintenance and helps avoid snagging caused by fishing hooks and lures.

Now Available in the USA.  6.5ft OR 13ft Wide (not in all colors). The lines run the Length for example a 13ft wide by 20ft long piece will have lines running 20ft long. Prices start at $6.95 square ft.  We can also copy, cut and bind from your template from $4.75 linear ft for nylon binding $5.75lft for sunbrella binding. (depending on complexity). Turn around times are currently running 8-10 days.

We may also have off cuts and end pieces, email us with the size you need. We'll see what we can do.

Now available Dock and Boat Mats. Get your boat name embroidered on them. . Sizes from 18x24 up to 36x48. custom sizes too. Not available in all colors. 

Send us your template to be copied, we'll have it on its way back in no time! Getting you back on the water in jiffy! 


Absolutely the very best All-weather Carpet for your boat deck or entertainin gare, internal or external. Also suitable for walkways and docks indeed any location when a tough synthetic inside/outside carpet structure is needed to give the most pleasing aesthetics to your boat, car, caravan and home.

The demand for a pleasant looking, durable truly marine all weather carpet is understandable given the advantages it brings in temperature and sound insulation, the ease with which a syntheitc carpet can be cleaned, and the cost comparison with traditional boat and outdoor floor coverings such as cork and teak. Teak Carpet looks and feels like real carpet because it is!

Teak Carpet is a product whih surpasses all requirements for a specialist outdoor/marine carpet. Not only does it perform but it will enhance the looks of any application in which it is used.

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